Friday, October 7, 2016

Get Etisalat 400mb For N50

Etislat is giving out 400MB for as
low as N50 on their amalgamation called
EtisalatSmartpack and the good
news is that you can use this 400MB
the way you wish with no
restrictions with advice of Psiphon, netify, sypon absorber and other
third-party VPN app.Meanwhile, the
etisalat circadian smartpack is very

With just 50naira you can subscribe
to the circadian amalgamation while the
weeklypackage amount 150naira but it
capped the aforementioned on etisalat fair
usage policy.

To subscribe for babble pak, dial
*343*5*5# for circadian or*343*5*6#
for weekly.

You can as able-bodied forward chat2 to 343
for circadian and chat3 to 343 for
weekly to actuate via SMS.

After acknowledged answer fee and
message again advance to the
following ambush to accomplish it plan on
any website and app.Let me use psiphon
vpn as an example, afterwards you will
get to apperceive how to accommodate it on added VPN.

.Firstly, install and download
Psiphon vpn (search for psiphon
handler application aloft seek box) on
your buzz or accessory again barrage it
and configure it like this below:

;» APN: etisalat
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080
» APN: etisalat
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080
» Save And Actuate it
.Then Barrage Psiphon Handler, in the abettor menu
» Proxy type: Real Host
» Proxy server:
» Real Proxy type: DIRECT
» Real Proxy server:
» Real Proxy port: 3128
» Baddest save and bang on "tunnel accomplished device".Click on the option
tab» Region: select, USA or any
other server» Baddest added option
» Check " Connect through an HTTP
then baddest "Use the following
settings:" again configure as
;» Host address:
» Port: 3128
Start your affiliation and enjoy!
Note; Etisalat will acquaint you by
SMS if you ability the maximum
allocated data/data capacity!

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