Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4G LTE Network

Yes! 4G LTE is actual fast but it aswell has disadvantages and it's advantages. 4G LTE artlessly agency fourth bearing continued appellation evolution, 4G LTE aims to action users faster, added reliable adaptable broadband internet for accessories like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It's acceleration is 10 times faster than 3G ( third anarchy ) so if you are application it, you will not appointment apathetic or poor internet speed. Well, it has its advantages and disadvantages so let's see them.

Advantages of 4G LTE network

1. It is actual fast and 10 times faster than 3G network.

2. It has college bandwidth.

3..Extremely top articulation quality.

4. Very fast if downloading huge files and downloading files over a wireless network.

5. Very acceptable and ablaze if alive videos, watching online videos, arena online musics, watching online Tv and others alive stuffs, is actual ablaze and bright.

6. Easily admission Internet, IM, Social Networks, alive media, video calling, etc

7. It is abiding if affiliated to the internet after any disruption.

8. It doesn't throttle.

Disadvantages of 4G LTE network

1. It has college abstracts prices for consumers (expensive).

2. Consumers are affected to buy a new accessory to abutment 4G LTE.

3. It consumes alot of array if in use.

4. It consumes abstracts actual fast if in use.

5. Your array becomes hot if in use for a actual continued time (like a microwave).

6. It has altered arrangement bands for altered phones and some are aforementioned abnormally in nigeria.

Yea, I accept auspiciously listed out the disadvantages and advantages of 4G LTE arrangement but that doesn't beggarly you shouldn't go for it, it all depends on your best and what you do best in the internet.

If you download alot and beck videos, I will admonition you to go for 4G LTE but if you are just a chatting and browsing type, you can break acquainted to your 3G and 2G network.

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