Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Airtel NG increases cost of night plan of 1.5GB from #50 to #200

I guess it's safe to say Airtel is being affected by change Nigerians are facing. The telecommunications company reduces data allocated in its 20GB for #200 plan and now, this
    If at all you using Airtel during the mid-night for downloading nd other things please be aware that Airtel has increased the cost, the night plan that used to cost  #50 for 1.5GB has been increased to N200
       Although  the change hasn't reflected on d company website, technically, that's the new charge. 

If you using Airtel night plans and you wondering why your effort to subscribe isn't going through with #50 balance, it's because d cost has been increased to N200 but u still get d xame data(1.5GB)  nd the time has change either. 
         Also Airtel has 500MB night plan, you can subscribe by first  migrating to Airtel smartTrybe plan, to migrate dial *312# then reply with 1,after migration is successful, dial *312# and follow d instruction to subscribe to your preferred plan

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