Monday, September 19, 2016

Will Overcharging destroy my Phone Battery?


Some people think overcharging your phone can damage your battery, while others believe it is fiction. The battery is a cell phone’s most important feature, yet few people know about its powerful role during everyday use. Batteries provide hours of reliable power for portable use, and can be recharged nearly thousands of times before its power fizzles out. When charging a cell phone battery to full capacity, it is important to understand what technology is being implemented to maximize battery life and prevent damage.

All modern cell phones use lithium-ion batteries, and unlike previous generations, these types of batteries do not like to be completely discharged. Lithium Ion batteries have a protection circuit built in that turns off the power source once a full level charge is acquired. With the newer Lithium Ion batteries, you do not have to worry about memory build-up, where it “remembers” its charge level when unplugged.

Nowadays, it is not possible to overcharge a cell phone battery. However, leaving your phone plugged in for more than 24 hours can cause it to overheat. Excessive heat will accelerate the aging process drastically, which can shorten the lifespan. Therefore, it is important to unplug after long charging intervals and keep your batteries cool to ensure a long lifespan.

What’s the optimum way to charge your phone? 

“The sweet spot for lithium-ion batteries is to keep them charged between 50 and 80 percent. This allows for the charged ions to continue to work and protect the life of your battery,” says Shane. “Charging your device in short spurts throughout the day will give these ions just enough energy to keep them going.”

So frequent top-ups, rather than one daily charge up, is healthier for your battery. It’s not convenient, but that’s the optimal way to charge your smartphone if you want to ensure the longest life possible.

What to avoid 

“The major threat to your battery is charge cycles,” Shane explains. “A charge cycle is where your battery goes from empty or near-empty to full — and every phone battery has a limited number of charge cycles before the end of its life.”

Quick recap 

You can leave your phone plugged into the charger overnight without too much risk, provided it’s not a counterfeit charger, and you don’t let your phone overheat. For best results with your smartphone charging, here’s what to remember:
Always use official chargers and cables, or certified alternatives from reputable brands and retailers.

Don’t let your phone get too hot. Remove the case when charging overnight.

For the longest battery life possible, try to keep your battery between 50 and 80 percent.

Avoid letting phone battery completely discharge, and don’t charge it from 0 percent up to 100 percent too often.
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