Friday, September 30, 2016

Glo Has Now Increased Their Data Plans - Checkout!

Glo data subscription is now cheaper than before which means their data plans has been increased. As I was playing with my phone, I just decided to checkout Glo data plan and suddenly, I discovered a change in their subscription plans which make me startled at my first sight.

Well, I think glo is trying by all means to generate more incomes and get huge customers with this their enticing subscription plans. So let's look into their subscription plans;

Subscribe for 3.2 GB data for 1000 naira with *127*53#

Subscribe for 7.5 GB data for 2000 naira with *127*55#

Subscribe for 10 GB data for 2500 naira with *127*58#

Subscribe for 12 GB data for 3000 naira with *127*54#

Subscribe for 18 GB data for 4000 naira with *127*59#

Note: You can check it by dialling *777#.

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